Another Day in Lojbanistan: At the pizza shop

Hey y'all, enjoy this little dialogue I put together. If you know anyone in either Florida or Texas who wants to act this out with me on camera, lemme know!

{Restaurant Scene}

Customer (C): coi .i xu rodo ponse lo cidja liste noi ka'e se viska mi
     Hey, do you have a menu I could look at?

Employee (E): go'icai .i zvati vi
     Yeah certainly, it's over there.

C: .ua ki'e .i ma jdima lo cibjgapa'o be lo cidjrpitsa
     Ah thanks. (Checks it out.) How much is a slice of pizza?

E: .y. .i mi retsku fi le gunmi'e
     Uhh, Lemme ask the boss.

C: .i xu do na djuno
     You don't know?

E: go'i .i mi cnino seljibri vi .i e'o ko denpa .i doi gunmi'e
     No, I'm new here. Hold on a second. Boss?

Boss (B): re'i

E: .i ma jdima lo cibjgapa'o be lo cidjrpitsa
     How much is a slice of pizza?

B: xu lu ma jdima lo cibjgapa'o be lo cidjrpitsa li'u
     "How much is a slice of pizza"?

E: go'i .i lu ma jdima lo cibjgapa'o be lo cidjrpitsa li'u se cusku mi
     Yeah, "how much is a slice of pizza."

B: pa lo cibjgapa'o be lo cidjrpitsa ga'i se jdima mu lo rupnu
     ... A slice of pizza is 5 bucks.

(Awkward embarrasement of Employee from the ga'i)

C: je'e .i mi te vecnu lo re
     Okay, I'll take two.

E: je'e .i e'a le do
     Okay, here you go.

C: be'e .i lo palta pe'u
     Can I get another plate?

E: je'e
     No problem, here you go.

C: ki'ecai

ki'e hatthin ki'u lenu draga'i  Thanks hatthin for the correction


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  2. Overall, it's great. Thank you for doing this. I very much want to see more normal conversational stuff like this.

    I would like to enter two mild rebukes:

    1. {cai} means that you are overwhelmed by emotion; {.ui cai} is "I just won the lottery" level happiness; {ki'e cai} is "thank you for saving my baby daughter from that fire" level thankfulness. It's important to me to stick to that, because otherwise what will I say if you actually *do* save my daughter from a fire and I've been using {ki'e cai} every time I buy a pizza?

    2. lujvo that you intend anyone to read or ever use again should be placed in jbovlaste, please. Although for slice I'd just use {spisa}, myself.